About Us

Trehalose.co.uk started in 2001 and was created to supply Trehalose, an innovative sugar, to the UK. We became interested in this 'functional carbohydrate' in around 1999 having read some research into neurological conditions (Huntington's) and how Trehalose might be able to help. Initially we ordered a small amount from China and reinvested all the proceeds back into the next order and so on until today we order by the Tonne. We are based in Swindon and supply the food industry, the public, agriculture, most universities and the biotech sector. We have very strong and active relationships with both the scientific team at Hayashibara and various research teams in the university sector. We only sell trehalose manufactured by Hayashibara, the premier global manufacturer, based in Japan. 

We have a very strong customer base who know that we can deliver promptly from out extensive stocks (normally between 1 and 3 tonnes). 

When you call or email you know that you'll only deal with Paul Barton.